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International Cooperation

한국원자력통제기술원 국외협력현황

International Cooperation

KINAC has dedicated itself to strengthen the international nuclear nonproliferation regime and nuclear transparency and security of the ROK.
To gain international confidence, KINAC has taken an active role in various settings for bilateral and multilateral cooperation, meetings with international and regional organizations, among many other endeavors.

Multilateral Cooperation

  • Cooperation with the IAEA(International Atomic Energy Agency) and providing technical support to the ROK diplomatic corps
  • Exchanging opinions by participating in the Board of Governors meetings and General Conferences of the IAEA and the regional networks
  • Sharing know-hows and experiences on nuclear nonproliferation and nuclear security regulation
  • Bolstering leadership in the areas of nuclear nonproliferation and security

IAEA Cooperation

  • IAEA General Conference

    • The top decision-making body with political representation that has authority to select member countries for the Board, approves newcomer state members, and reviews annual reports by the Board of Governors
    • KINAC attends the General Conference that annually convenes at the end of September in Vienna and provides technical support
  • The IAEA Board of Governors

    • The Board of Governors has authority over the Agency’s project and budget recommendations, reviews incoming member states and safeguards agreements, and nominates the Director General of the Agency
    • KINAC attends the Board meetings to provide information and offer advice if necessary
  • Korea-IAEA Joint Review Meeting(JRM)

    • This annual meeting on safeguards has taken place between IAEA and NSSC (Nuclear Safety and Security Commission of Korea) since 1992
    • KINAC performs NSSC technical reviews and plays an advisory role

Regional Cooperation

Asia Pacific Safeguards Network (ASPN)

  • Established in 2009, the Asia-Pacific regional network focuses on enhancement of safeguards and the nuclear material accountancy systems
  • KINAC shares experiences on safeguards with the member countries and holds annual meetings as the APSN Secretariat for 2017-2018
Regional Cooperation1
Regional Cooperation2

Bilateral Cooperation

  • Sharing expertise and experiences in nuclear nonproliferation and security to maintain its international leadership
  • Exchanging information and providing technical support for the ROK Government such asgovernment through venues like PCG (US-Korea Permanent Coordinating Group)
  • Cooperation in R&D for developing equipment with regard to safeguards inspection, and training programs

Cooperative organizations (MOU signed)

  • Brazilian-Argentine Agency for Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials (ABACC)
  • Australian Safeguards and Nonproliferation Office (ASNO)
  • Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority (CICPA)
  • Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR)
  • Japan Nuclear Material Control Center (NMCC)
  • Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)
  • Vietnam Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (VARANS)
Bilateral Cooperation1
Bilateral Cooperation2

Assistance for Nuclear Newcomer Countries

  • Supporting nuclear newcomers such as the UAE, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia afterfollowing the export of Korean nuclear power plants and research reactors
  • Sharing regulatory experiences and information with the newcomers to enhance international nonproliferation and security regimes
  • Since 2010, KINAC has provided technical support at the NSSC-FANR annual meetings
Assistance for Nuclear Newcomer Countries1
Assistance for Nuclear Newcomer Countries2

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